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Reno dilemmas primary bathroom rectangle

A design conundrum for those more well-versed in bathroom projects. Thank you in advance. We have an undersized primary bath. Good for one person, not great for a couple. I originally planned to sink the wall hung toilet about 30" back, stealing half of the guestroom closet, to open up the floor space a little (and remove the partitioned wall). I'm rapidly chickening out over fears of either roof leaks (tar and gravel, mansard) or plumbing leaks between floors.
My next thought is to instead take a few linear feet away from the adjacent closet, and leave the plumbing alone. This would allow for more countertop/cabinet/storage space away from the immediate toilet position.
My last thoughts are to leave the aforementioned alone, and cut the partitioned wall next to the toilet, down to a knee wall OR get rid of it completely and get really creative with places to hang towels/robes and hopefully a heated towel rack.
I have a tendency to miss the obvious. Thank you again for your thoughts.

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