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Bubbling delaminating veneer

last month

We have many areas of bubbling and delaminating of a white-oak rift-cut veneer (along with unfortunately some door warping,
edge banding delaminating, and
finish issues) on newly installed custom kitchen cabinets. We were told that this is a purchased product of the veneer applied to a mdf substrate - the cabinetmaker did not apply the veneer himself. He did the edge banding.
There are many areas of these bubbling/delaminating issues first seen as the stain was being applied.
Can this bubbling and delaminating be repaired without discoloration and other sight or future problems as the cabinetmaker suggests? (One repair attempt resulted in dark, splotchy areas.)
Replacement of all door and drawer fronts will be necessary (matching) if repairs fail. This would include three large stationary panels that contain most of the bubbling - panels installed under a countertop and as fridge and oven framing walls. The cabinetmaker is refusing to do that.

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