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Cats are so weird!

last month

Last night our youngest (who is also our largest and often goofiest) fixed on "something invisible" in the foyer and sat and stared like this (photos below) for the longest time. During the first few minutes, we tried to see what he was seeing, but there was nothing there -- no movement, no shadows - nothing. We tried to block his view or distract him, and he would quickly crane his head around us and continue to stare, unblinking. After 10 solid minutes of this, we just left him to it. He probably sat fixated like this for a good 15 minutes, possibly longer. Spooooooky! I have a friend who swears that her cat does this and "sees dead people." Another friend is certain that her dogs have seen and grumbled at empty air -- which she believes is the spirit of a recently-departed third dog that had been a part of their family. So maybe it isn't fair to say that cats are weird. Maybe ALL animals are weird in some way. Anyway, just wanted to share this because it was pretty darn funny!

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