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Can Glass Be Permanently Water Stained?

These shower doors are four years old, and have periodically been cleaned with a squeegee and Windex, or some other advertised "Best Glass Cleaner in the World." But that has not stopped the buildup of a light film and streaking. I've spent about four hours now on one door, and found that the best technique is a single edge razor blade to scrape the stuff away (only tiny amounts are removed with this method, but it beats all the other Best Glass Cleaner in the World's I've tried). Following scraping, I've used Barkeeper's Friend applied with 0000 Steel Wool. All the residue from those operations is then removed with microfiber cloths and Windex.

Still, film and streaks remain. Does anyone have a recommendation for how to get back to clear, unstreaked glass, or are these stains permanent?

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