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Master bathroom remodel tile questions. Would love your help!

last year

Hello Houzz experts!

I am midway through a master bathroom/bedroom remodel. Our home is generally coastal transitional in terms of style. I am looking for a warm, serene bathroom that will not be out of style in 5 years.

This is the layout. The first is the view from the bedroom hallway upon entering the bathroom. The second would be looking back from vanity. What isn't real clear from these renderings is that there are 2 pony walls on the shower with niches behind each. We also eliminated the window in the shower because of its placement. We have a big window on the other side of the wall.

I think that I am leaning towards these tiles... I need to choose which of the bottom 2 would be best on the bathroom floor (as well as which direction they should run). The hex would be in the shower floor and the niches. ( I am aware of stone maintenance issues, but just love real stone.)

The wood samples are there to show the color of the wood in the hallway that will butt up against the tile, as well as the color of the double wrap around vanity.

So a few questions.

1. Which of the floor tiles do you like? The one on the left has a little more going on in it some vertical movement, while the one on the right is a matte cement feel with very little patterning. The left is only available in 12x24 and the one on the right also comes in 24x24

2. If I go with 12x24 on the floor, which direction would you suggest I run it? If you like the right tile, would you do the 24x24 or the 12x24?

3. If I run the limestone/marble up the shower walls and pony walls in 12x24, which direction should that go? The same as the floor, or different? Is it weird to have the pony and side walls run horizontally (as well as the floors), and just have the one wall run vertically?

4. I LOVE this vanity. Anyone have any idea what kind of wood it is?

I have been making myself crazy looking at photos. I would LOVE some input.

Thank you so much in advance!

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