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10' Cactus broken stem HELP

Lester Duncan
last month
last modified: last month

Hello, We have a tall, large cactus that is over 50 years old. It survived the heat and smoke of a house fire. This cactus was my mother's, and it has on occasion bloomed yellow flowers. It has 3 tall stems/stalks where the foliage/green leaves are growing towards the top. This cactus has reached our 10' ceiling height, but wants to continue growing. The problem we are hoping you can advise us with is that one of the stems has leaned over, even though all the stems are supported. Unfortunately this resulted in this stem to crack; however, it's not completely broken off. We have been searching, trying to figure best way to save this stem. We would like to plant this stem in a separate pot hoping it will root. To this day we really don't know what kind of cactus we have. If you are willing to provide us guidance, we are attempting to send picture attachments of this cactus. Looking very much forward to your reply. Thank You.Sorry, but I do not see option to send attachments/pictures of our cactus

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