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last year
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A dear friend passed away over the summer. She and I were close (eg she asked me to help plan and to speak at her memorial). We were less close as a couple, but my DH and I have known her and her DH for 20+ years. As a couple, we probably had dinner every other year or so if I had to guess? We saw each other quite a bit more when we lived in the same town; now we are two hours away.

We attended services and of course the memorial and sent cards. We provided several meals. I also sent a holiday card and note.

I think about her family often (2 girls away at school) and I would like to do something more, but I am at a loss at to what? The other day I said to my husband "I don't know what to do, but somehow I feel that, if the shoe were on the other foot, J (my friend who passed) would have done something. She wouldn't have just ignored this feeling I have." And he said "you're right, she would have done something."


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