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New store bought adenium caudex shrunk big time

Stephen Power
last month
last modified: last month

I have 150+ adeniums, majority from seed in fact this is only my 3rd bought adenium. My gf picked it up because it had a nice thick caudex and since it was a new store with a sale, $6 for this caudex was theft. It had maybe 2 mm of space in it's pot and was in usual store soil. I repotted once home into a 1:1:1:1 mix of diatomaceous earth, pumice, lava rock and pine bark. All my adeniums love it, almost impossible to over water. My plant room is usually 80 degrees with mylar curtains hanging to keep heat and humidity in under plenty of great growlights like kingbright 2k, multiple spider farmer SF-2000s so light and soil isn't an issue.
I've in the past saved 30+ adeniums from rot (away on vacation, a hurricane saturated them for 4 straight days) but turns out was a blessing because I discovered root training. I've root trained and hung adeniums for 3-4+ weeks in the shade and none have shrunk like this. Was literally almost as big abd round as a softball and it's now half the size roughly. I pulled it out of its mix (it's been watered once) and there's no signs of rot. Some of the smaller feeder roots are frail but it doesn't look like rot. Is this just shock from moving? Like I said most of mine are from seed but the other two I don't remember shriveling and becoming soft like this. Is there a way to post pictures? For now here's a link to imgur:


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