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Help! Recessed Wall next to Fireplace!

Rezo Pakhi
last month

I just moved into an apartment and the living room has a fireplace on one side and a very deep and wide and high ceiling recessed wall next to it. I’ve come to terms with mounting the TV above the fireplace. But can’t figure out what I really want to do with the recessed wall! Opposite this entire wall will by my sectional sofa with a right hand facing chaise so that balcony can still be easily accessed. Please help with decor ideas! The room is naturally dark so I’ve been considering putting light colored furnitures / rugs etc. to brighten it up.

Recessed wall dimensions:
58” wide
24” deep
Ceiling ~ 13ft? Idk but it’s a high ceiling

70” wide and mantle is at 50” height from the ground

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