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Should I have contractor redo the cabinet install to better fit range?

last month
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I purchased a 30" freestanding range, which is actually 29 7/8" wide per the specs. The specs also call for a cabinet opening of 30" wide exactly. The cabinet installers put the opening at 30 1/4" wide in the back, and 30 3/8" wide in the front (i.e. a total gap of 3/8" in back and 1/2" in front, instead of the specified 1/8").

The contractor said this is normal so you can slide in the range. However, I disagree that specs would say one thing but mean something else. Should I have the contractor fix this before countertop measurements this week or if this spacing is normal? The fix would straighten the cabinets and make the opening 30"-30 1/8".

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