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Rose Garden Mulch for tropical south - compost as mulch?

Kimberly Wendt (Florida Z. 10b)
last year
last modified: last year

Was searching the discussions just now, looking for advice on what to use for mulch in my Zone 10b, termite-land South Florida rose garden. Came across a reference to "Compost IS mulch" and could be used as mulch. Um, what? When I get compost (either from my own composter bin or in a bag from a store) to me it looks like dirt. Sure it's kinda chunky, but it's dirt. So to my mind, using compost as mulch means actually, you're not mulching your roses.

1. Every known advice says to mulch roses to keep the roots cool, conserve water.

What am I missing here? My husband has requested I don't use mulch in the yard for fear of subterranean termites. What should I do? Advice?

(None of my rose beds are against the house, but there are two shady beds near the front concrete slab porch. I have put in an 18" wide and 2"-3" deep buffer zone of rock (for drainage and to discourage termites). It will run the entire length of the front concrete slab porch.)

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