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We have been living in this place for 4 years and I have yet to

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I have yet to buy furniture etc for this place. I am trying to make it a home. I have consulted with Modsy but unfortunately they are not around anymore, although I can use my original account which is more than kind of them. But I could never say this is exactly what I want because I don't know what I want and the expense is also holding me back although I have some money to spend. But I want to spend it wisely and so far it has been a disaster, although some of the "disasters" I have come to accept. Anyway, I have to fix up my living room and will attach photographs of the area as well as the furniture and "stuff" I have at hand. My previous house I had the Africa vibe (being from South Africa), but my initial idea was to move all of it to the TV room and start something new. I would like to get your opinion on the leather sofas I have at the moment pretty much more than 15 years old and used and abused due to living on it. No cuts etc. but showing wear on the leather. But now I see leather sofas are being sold with this worn look at horrendous prices. Shall I rather just move one sofa downstairs and keep one here and buy furniture to soften the look? Or should I move everything downstairs and start fresh without breaking the bank? I cannot believe it is so hard for me to get settled in this place, but frankly it has no architectural influence to guide me in any direction. Just plain Midwest. I am not sure I can add descriptions to the pics, but in case I can't, the large parrot cage is not there any longer. The pictures are not reflecting my new dining room. I just want your opinion on your thoughts leaving it with one leather sofa and make it different, or use one leather sofa and keep Africa atmosphere. Oh my gosh, and my hb is begging for a recliner which I hate but I have found some that is more modern and narrow and high which I can settle for. I don't know anymore. As you can see I have a corner fireplace which complicates everything. I love eastern carpets. It is so practical. Yes, I have animals and a husband who cannot be trained (husband)...and I don't want to. He should enjoy it as much as I do, but I love white leather also which can be wiped off. I don't want to be a witch when grandkids come, so very ouma friendly......if I posted too much I will understand if you don't answer. Please if you can just advise me on my leather sofas. I forgot to mention the sofas has a beautiful back so it can face anywhere. I thank you for your time reading my book.

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