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Need Help with Hanging Curtains in Odd Position!

last month

Hello! First time posting on Houzz, thanks in advance for your help.

My wife and i live in a townhouse with very tall living room walls. We recently removed the old roller blinds from the previous owners & would like to install curtains. But I’m at a bit of a loss on two fronts…

  1. how high should I mount the curtains? the windows are 8’ tall, so the standard 108” curtains would need to be hung 13” above the window which feels like a lot?

  2. with the window butting against the wall, the curtain rod would need to basically line up with the right edge of the window (if that makes sense). i keep reading about how important it is to have rods extend a few inches. maybe it wouldn’t matter given how wide they are?

would love any advice you have. thanks so much!

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