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can an all-thumbs person fix this plaster?

hi people!

So, somebody gouged a chunk out of the wall - I think I know who it was but I decided not to say anything bc I wouldn't trust them to fix it anyway - and then, I went to a local hardware store with some photos.

Will the stuff in that tub work to fix the bad spot? Keep in mind that I am not skilled or experienced at this. (The HW person did tell me to feel around and make sure the edges were stable, and they seem to be.) They said, I just need something to make it smooth after. Though ime, sometimes when people tell me that something is easy, it turns out not to be. ; )

Sorry the walls are so dirty. (In truth, even if I fix this thing, it won't match, so I guess there will be paint, at some point.)

All input is appreciated!!

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