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1740 Saltbox kitchen layout help

last month

Hi everyone! My husband and I are having an antique 1740 saltbox style home built. It is a true antique home that was deconstructed from it's original location and will be rebuilt using the pieces from the original home that were able to be salvaged, which luckily was most of it.

We are having a hard time trying to fit a kitchen into the original footprint of the house, since there obviously wasnt a space for one to begin with. An extension would be the best idea and what I would prefer, but cost wise might not be doable. I was looking for help on how we would lay out the "great room" as a functional kitchen. Would it be a large enough space? I know the long wall is huge but unfortunately the width is small. There is a large beehive oven which is depicted in the drawing which also gets in the way. I would love some insight as to how/if we would make this room work as a kitchen. The later ell will not be located in that spot. We would plan on putting an outdoor living space there which would need access from the kitchen. Also of note, no walls or doors will be able to be changed, with the exception of maybe a window shifting slightly. Since this is an antique home the builder who specializes in this would like to keep the layout true to the original, and we are okay with this as well as we dont' prefer open plan.

It is just my husband and myself, and I am the only one who does the cooking. I would hope to have plenty of counter space as well as storage as I do love to cook and bake.

This is the only drawing I have which I know isn't a wealth of information re measurements. It is still very very early stages but I was hoping some idea could still be had. Curious to hear what anyone thinks. Thank you so much!

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