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Space Planning for a Small Living Room

We bought a small bungalow and are in the process of remodeling a portion of the first floor, turning 2 small bedrooms and bathroom into a larger bedroom and bathroom with a pantry for the kitchen. I’m unsure, however, how to best use the space in the small living room and dining room. We are replacing the ceiling lights, having the ceiling skim coated and painted, and painting the walls and crown molding (Ben Moore Simply White). Curtains are being raised to just below the crown. I’d love to paint the fireplace and fireplace floor tile as well, but am open to leaving it.

Floor Layout

  • Living room is roughly 11x13 and opens into a roughly 10x11 dining room
  • Front door opens right into living room
  • Of the four "walls" of the room, one has the front door, one has a wall of windows, one has a fireplace, and the other is open into the dining room.
  • Front window wall in the living room is 11’4”, but with door open is 98”
  • The distance between the front (windowed) wall and the fireplace surround is 44”

Other notable points

  • Ideally we'd have a couch (84"?), two smaller accent chairs, and rug to anchor it all
  • We will not have a TV in the room, so that isn't necessary to plan around
  • Probably doesn't matter as considering layout, but as an FYI, we've painted the walls, ceiling, and crown molding; are changing out the light fixture and are open to ideas on both fireplace (paint? leave? something else?) and window dressing.

I've attached photos from the previous owners' layout (sale photos, so a distorted wide lens is used to make things look bigger) as well as the only thoughts for furniture layout that I can imagine. What are .your thoughts? I need help!

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