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What makes a good washer / dryer

last month

I suppose this is like a Prius vs Tesla debate and honestly, I haven't gathere much of my thoughts on the matter.....

As I was driving in to work today, it got me thinking

But I'm sure someone here over at GW has all the bullet points they can point out

Space /machine fit aside, internal volume aside, what merits does one look at when looking at washers or dryers.

These things are just containers that move water in a drum or move hot air in a drum

Build quality obviosuly being important cause one would rather have a working machine than one that is waiting for parts

Onboard heater is a must have

Cycles. Does the ability to make a custom cycle count.

Or the dryer, which is even more simplistic in function than a washer in cycles type needed.

Is steam in a dryer a must have necessity these days.

In my 1st house we purchased, while we're on our 3rd laundry washer, it still has the Original Neptune Dryer( it does see very limited use so I suppose that does add to it's longevity).

Anyhow, I welcome to hear what fellow GW laundry nerds take is on what matters in a machine.

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