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Do roses really need dormancy?!?

SuSu CT 7a
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Hey ya'll, I live in CT, zone 7a and have a lot of roses in pots. Around mid December the temps were dropping so I stripped all the leaves, watered them and put them in my attached garage. We had about a week that was very cold, but then it warmed up. My garage is attached, faces south, and has a lot of windows, so a lot of sun! Also, my house is brick, so it tends to retain more heat. The temperature inside the garage stayed around 50 degrees for most of January, ALL my roses leafed out and a lot of them even have buds, none of them went dormant!!! Now February is coming and it is going to get cold again. Can they survive with all this new growth? Should I just keep them growing? My garage is heated but I never turned the heat on, should I do that till the spring and then bring them out? If I do that they wouldn't have experienced any dormancy....I need advice please!

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