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What to do with this useless space between kitchen and stairs?

J Marchey
last month

Hi all--we are stuck on what to do with this space between our kitchen and the rest of our home. We used to have our dining room table there but finally moved it to the actual dining room alcove (which we were previously using as a kids' playroom). Now we have this large blank space between the kitchen (behind me when taking these photos), the living room (to the left down the steps), the stairs going upstairs and the hallway on the right leading back to laundry. It also straddles the front door area (to the left) and the back door area (to the right) so it feels like this vague passthrough area. Any ideas? We were thinking of just putting a huge picture there (and maybe a plant below it?) so it feels like an accent wall but isn't so empty, but not sure if there's a more practical use of this space? We do NOT need more seating, as we have bar stools and a dining room right next to this space, but I guess we could consider it if that's the best use of it? Help please!

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