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Door slightly different shade- what options?

2 months ago

Hi! we are replacing the hollow core doors in our house bit by bit with 4 panel doors that match the trim. (We found 6 unfinished 30” doors for $100 total!). We’ve replaced two so far, and i finally found the one 28” door we need! Unfortunately, it’s one or two shades too light.

Pictures are below, but should we:

A) ignore it and when we do the tiny closet door ensure that one is halfway between the existing door and this one in shade

B) strip it down on just the hallway side and refinish from bare wood

C) try a layer of garnet shellac and then poly

D) attempt gel stain (hesitant to do this one due to hiding grain/streaks)

E) something i haven’t thought of


The open door is the one being replaced

here is the left side of the hallway, with small closet door and a bedroom:

and the right side:

Finally, the new door in question with a piece of existing trim leaning against it out in the garage :

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