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need help finding a new entry door and window system

Connie Savage
last month
last modified: last month

First pic how how was initially built. 2nd and 3rd pics new door system put in 20 or more years ago.

Property faces south. Some people have been telling me that I should go with a mid-century modern entrance design.

It was mentioned that I should not go with a colour, especially a darker colour due to likely drastic fading. It has also been suggested that I do not install a steel door due to its absorption of heat.

I live in Ontario Canada so get all ranges of weather.

Should I be going white and fibreglass? Could someone suggest a front entrance system that would fit nicely here and complement the house.

I do t seem to be able to get help with any design ideas from Window and Door people near me.

I need some privacy or obscurity in the sidelights and transoms.
Don’t know if I should be going with the more block look in the original entrance, or if that would be best changed out and still be a mid century modern look?

I have no real idea how to start.

Help please :)

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