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Master shower plumbing totally off center, please help!!

last month

Hi, I would like to know if it is worth it to redo my master bath plumbing after a pretty big mistake.

I've been doing a whole house reno for the past 4 months, we are getting toward the end and I feel my GC is rushing now that he is moving on to other projects. Lately, I'm finding more & more things that I wish had been brought to my attn. I've never ever done construction or a home reno, this is all completely new to me (he knows this) so I don't even know what questions to ask and I thought someone with 3 decades experience would know that symmetry is so very important especially in places like kitchen and master bath. Both places I've had issues with something being off or measured incorrectly, and when I bring to his attn he gets very flustered with me, tells me it wouldn't bother him & that I'm too picky!

I'm attaching the current issue. I had never seen plumbing behind the wall before and maybe stupidly thought things would be centered once they completed everything.

That is on me because I did see the symmetry was off before they ever tiled the shower.

I brought it up to him and he mumbled something about the stud being in the way, I can't totally recall word for word but he indicated that basically it has to stay that way.

The problem is, I had them tile more of the wall to increase the size of the shower. The old shower was smaller, this one is slightly bigger and that is throwing everything off now.

But it's not even centered over the drain and I thought that was standard protocol :(.

I've texted the GC that I'd like to discuss this tomorrow but I know I'll get total pushback just like I did on the kitchen island when I discovered 1 side is 1/2 inch longer than the other (he put in spacers on 1 side) and is causing 1 side to bow out + slightly tilts it over on the flooring. I can live with that, once the countertops are on it prob won't be noticeable to anyone but me. Just hoping structurally there won't be issues down the road. He REALLY did not want to fix it!

But this master shower....I'm going to think of this one every single day until I have it fixed.

I doubt he will fix it on his dime. At this point, I do understand I will have to pay for it to be redone.

My questions are:

1. Was this a hard fix or was he just being lazy from the get go??

2. Can anyone gander a guess at what this fix will cost me? I'm in metro Atlanta, prices seem crazy on everything here lately ugh.

3. What if we don't do a total fix, but instead just move the hand shower? Is that possible and would moving to the right side at least even out the symmetry somewhat?

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