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Saw this Moongate TRELLIS - not your average garden decor?

Kimberly Wendt (Florida Z. 10b)
last year
last modified: last year

Just saw this at my local Home Goods store, it's marked at $399. Not your average moongate (see a close picture below). The one I saw is exactly as in the picture. There are actual iron plant stands between the feet - can't see them in this picture, but they are there. The feet also have like 8" x 6" welded plates with bolts - to bolt it down to concrete or stone or whatever. Black powder coated, the ribs are like 1.25" diameter if not 1.5". This looks like it could easily hold up a house eater for sure. HUGE 8.5' tall. BEAUTIFUL... (on sale or $1,200, Az, Wayfr, etc. all around $970 or so!) I want this thing and have no idea where I'd put it in my small garden space.

Anyone else have a moon gate arbor? Like it? Dislike it?

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