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Want to play “brainstorm floor layout”?

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Above is the layout of our main floor. 1958 ranch with walk-out basement approx 2500 sq. ft. total. We bought & moved in late fall 2020. Gutted and redid basement (almost done!). We want to start daydreaming about upstairs, especially bathrooms and kitchen.

Certainly we need an architect but probably won’t be able to do that until we are 100% done with basement and when work eases up for us. In the meantime, can anybody think about some solutions to help us daydream of possibilites?

Here are our frustrations & some ideas:

1) Bed 1 ensuite too small and primary closet too small. Its all workable but would love to create larger bath & walk-in closet in bedroom 1 then have bedroom 2 be where primary bed goes. What’s the best configuration of bath & closet if we go this route?

2) Kitchen too small and hate the location of the side door. Ironically, that side kitchen door is the door we use exclusively because access to driveway. i have thought of rotating kitchen 90 degrees and run it along west side of house. not sure this would improve anything but if we put dining room up front maybe door would be less bothersome.

3 We have no real entry. We live in a mountain valley and get weather. Would love a mudroom. we also have no garage and dream of building one down the road. Need a bigger entry and a place to put coats, boots, bags, etc. mudroom seems logical at side door but that door is a thorn for kitchen. Larger formal entry added onto front of house with area for boots and stuff?

4) We have found the kitchen/ dining/ living to not be conduce to entertaining. 6 at most fit comfortably in this space. Part of it is configuration of seating but we struggle currently with space to entertain.

5) We have a covered front porch (covered by eaves) approximately 4’ deep that extends across front 1/2 of house to side door. I’ve considered bumping out onto that to that for additional kitchen space or new front entry / mudroom.

6) We have a big back deck and thought of also extending toward the back as well.

7) The dashed lines between kitchen & front door was a wall the prevoius owners removed. We've thought of putting it back up (moved a little to the west) and extending kitchen to fill that space, creating a pantry and turning fridge / oven wall into an island (moving oven to north (front) wall and sliding the island to the right so you can walk around it. (We had an engineer calculate the beam needed to remove the wall as it is a load bearing wall.

Thank you for any ideas you might have!

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