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Using Monterey's Nematode Control AND live beneficial nematodes?

Hey all... odd question here.

I know I have root knot nematodes in my raised bed gardens in the back yard. Most of my soil in those pots (once discovered) I then BAKED in my oven. However, I have one large victory garden 2'x4' bed that now has root galls on carrots. So...

Next: out FRONT of my house, I am installing a brand new flower garden, complete with paths, arches and .... ROSES (nematodes love roses). Oh boy what to do.

After calling around, I ordered live beneficial nematodes and also Monteray's Organic Nematode Control. Both are multiple applications, via water drench/soaking spray. The company told me I can use both at the same time. But that doesn't seem right. Also on the Monteray LABEL it says 'Do not use with beneficial nematodes'!!!

Okay dear experts, now what do I do? I have live nematodes waiting in my fridge -they will last another 10-12 days. Do I do Monteray on my BACK garden only, and maybe back lawn? Put the beneficial on my FRONT garden soils only? Since my front garden is not planted yet, other than weeds and the trees... there's nothing else there yet while the garden paths and structures get put in. Or do I use Monterey over everything, wait 7 days and put the beneficials down on everything?

Any advice for those who know... very helpful. This is South Florida, east coast zone 10b Humid.

Thanks, Kim