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Red, pink and white rose trio

Desert Rose (10a Sunset 19)
last month
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My brother, who also lives in zone 10a in So Cal, would like to plant a rose bed with three varieties: one red, one pink (light, medium or dark) and one white. This is his wish list for the three:

  1. 4-5 feet tall
  2. Blooming all over (not only at the top)
  3. Similar growth habits to each other
  4. Good for cutting
  5. Good repeat and quantity of blooms
  6. Heat tolerant, as they will be grown in a southern exposure bed in our hot, dry climate

He is flexible about the exact shade of each color, and fragrance is a plus but not his priority. He is also flexible about flower form, but seems to favor roses that are closer to a high centered, hybrid tea form, and is less inclined toward cabbagey, English roses.

I made a few suggestions, and would also love to hear suggestions from the amazing community of rose lovers here!

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