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heat in basement

last year

I live in the northeast, and have an unfinished basement which seems to have a comfortable temperature with no hvac today - winter, summer, you name it. About 6 feet below grade. It does have a furnace, boiler, air handler, and washer and dryer but the hvac elements are servicing other parts of the house.

We intend to finish it, replace the furnace and boiler with a tankless combi boiler, and open some registers from the existing forced air ducts to allow some AC or fan airflow from the first floor air conditioning (which does not include heat - first floor has hydronic radiant floor).

My question, some are telling us that we absolutely need heat in the basement. It sounds like a waste of space and money to me since the basement is comfortable today. I can even run the air handler fan in the winter which would pull some of the air from the first floor down if the heating need is very slight. Replacing the boiler and furnace might lower the temp in the basement, although we’re also adding insulation. Should I be very concerned with the idea of not having heat? Or is there something I’m missing?



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