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Woken at 4:00 am this morning by flashing yellow lights

2 months ago

and beeping sounds. At first I thought it was my car going off for some reason, even though I know I don't have an alarm on it, but that was my first thought. I had first parked it in my driveway because I had taken it out of the garage so the contracted workers could put my new toilet and shower pan in the garage. Then the vanity came yesterday so I moved my car to the street so the other shipping company could get in the driveway to put it in the garage. Earlier that morning Republic Services also brought the dumpster and so it was blocking half the driveway. So, this morning my car was on the street.

So, anyway, this morning I went into the livingroom to actually look out the front window. I'm sleeping now in the little bedroom that is in the front of the house, but I had frosted that window years ago so I could use a bamboo "curtain" and still have privacy for whoever was using the room. So you can't see out of it. I saw three huge trucks, with men walking around it. I couldn't see any logos on the trucks so I still don't know who they were. I'm assuming they were from the electric power company. Then I see a guy walking from the area of my or my neighbor's backyard carrying a ladder with a spherical light thing on his head. LOL. It was the oddest thing I'd ever seen. I looked at my car and how far the last truck was from it, then I went back to bed and waited for the flashing lights to stop so I could fall back to sleep.

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