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Furnishing a T shape open floor plan

last month


I'm looking for some advice on how to layout/furnish an open floor plan house. We have just moved in and I know the layout can be great...I just cant workout how. Im trying to work out where to put the TV and couch, where to put the dining table (6 person), and where to put the kids play area (toddlers).

Only looking for furnishing ideas...don't want to be knocking down walls.

The attached photos are the house as we bought it.

Some things that arent obvious from the photos and floor plan:

  • The 'dining room' as listed on the floor plan is tricky, because that's also the thoroughfare to the pool/outdoor area/carport.
  • The front window near the front door is 2.4 metres wide and doesn't allow much room between the door swinging open and the wall.
  • The breakfast nook is sizeable, however you need to allow for a sliding door.

Thanks in advance.

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