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Kitchen Design Error!

Mrs C
2 months ago

We took months designing our kitchen with a company that specializes in designing kitchens. Below is the rendering they gave us and the cabinets are getting installed and looked off and the oven cabinet was too short and now needs drywall above it! I got the plans back out and he based the design on 9’ ceilings!!!! We have 10 feet ceilings!!!! It was one of the first things we told him and it was in the builders drawings they sent over to him on day 1. The upper glass were to be display cabinets and the rest was to be functional. Only now they need to all be functional. I hate the short cabinets by the stovetop. I think it looks odd. The designer told us he refused to communicate today about it. We are supposed to meet with him on Monday. The island cabinets had three too short which they knew about and reordered. What is a reasonable resolution??? What would you do?

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