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Bathroom lighting advice needed.

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We ordered an Overland Park vanity light and semi-flush ceiling light for our 6'x11' guest bathroom. Should have checked the specs more closely when we placed the order. The contractor installed both the vanity and the ceiling light. When I saw the ceiling light, I couldn't believe how huge it was (11.75" height 16.5" wide). It is too big for the small bathroom. I asked the contractor if he could exchange the light for a recessed ceiling light. He told me that it would take a lot to switch the light fixture to a can light because he junctioned everything from the old fan/heater box in the ceiling. Not sure what this means or why it would be a problem. Can someone please explain? Also, after a lighting fixture has been installed will a lighting store still exchange it? I'm attaching pictures of the vanity light (which looks really good) and the oversized ceiling light. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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