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MICHELIA (Magnolia) Champaca leaf drop

Darren Moran
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

My champaca has been steadily dropping leaves since i bought it a year ago and is now bare. It came very full and had lots of fragrant flowers right after i potted it. at first i thought it was a wind issue so moved it around to more sheltered areas, but its still happening. I get plenty of new leaf nodes on the thicker branches and at the leaf tips, but they shrivel and die shortly after sprouting (see attached photos). It’s planted in a large container with the proper soil and i fertilize it once a month from February to October. It’s on a West facing balcony (in LA) and gets 4-5 hours full sun in winter, 7+ in summer. I did have a slight aphid problem a few months ago but after a few doses of Neem Oil and insecticidal soap they seem to be gone. Could the neem oil be causing thw leaf death? Or is it getting too much or too little water? or not enough sun? please help.

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