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Zellige Tile White - HELP!

Caleigh Rasmussen
2 months ago

I'm really struggling with selecting the best white zellige tile for our kitchen and master bathroom.

Does anyone have examples or feedback on the following tiles?

- Cle Weathered White Zellige

- Cle Sea Salt Zellige

- Zia Pure White

Kitchen will be 2x6 zellige stacked. Next to Infinity White Quartzite Slab with stained cabinets and a dark grey hood.

Master bathroom will be 4x4 zellige stacked for the shower and walls surrounding master tub (see image below). Floor is a dark grey (concrete vibe) and while not directly next to the tile, but in the room, will be countertops that are a warm white granite with soft greys/taupe.

In person, the pure white looked best next to the infinity white quartzite slab and I'm concerned the weathered white may have too much variation (hearing pink/blue tones). But I only have one sample of each color. Please provide feedback!

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