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Who's Responsible for Plan Revision

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hello, I'm going to try to make this situation very short. I asked my GC what type of heater I should purchase. She said ask the people at the store. They told me I needed 60 Amps for the pool heater. I sent my GC the specs as requested and the make, model and manual of heater in Sept, 2022. She never said yes or no. We bought the heater in Nov, 2022 because she said the electricians were coming to install the new electrical panel. The heater was delivered in Nov. It is now end of Jan, 2023 and now is when she tells me the heater is too big for the 100 Amp panel per the plans and the store is responsible for selling me the wrong heater. She said I have 2 choices, exchange the heater because they sold me the wrong heater or revise the plans to get a 150 Amp installed with bigger cables and different circuit breaker. She tells me this would be at my cost. I expect this revision to be at her cost since she had ample time to review the heater specs with her electrician and let me know if it was the right one since last year.. Am I wrong or should I just pay for the revision and bigger cables and circuit breaker? This is for a pool installation that she started in May 2021. What was supposed to be a great experience and addition to our home has been nothing but a nightmare with this contractor. Your thoughts?
UPDATE: I am trying to respond to each person that took the time to answer, thank you, but the system will not let here's the deal. We don't know if the company where we purchased the heater will honor an exchange..if it does, then we won't have an issue with proceeding with the electrical work while waiting for the correct heater to be in stock. I was asking because I specifically asked the GC what type of heater back in September, I asked again in November and both times, I sent her the specs of the heater. It is not right that she waited all these months to now tell us the heater is too big for the panel per the plans and to let us know if we wanted to upgrade the panel it'll be an additional almost $1k. It will involve the architect writing up the revision and then submitting to the City for approval. I can almost bet that she did not answer me in Sept or Nov bc this is her way of getting more money. Why else would she not have responded back then and let us know everything she's told us now? It's Like we really have no choice, especially if the heater people will not exchange the heater!! That's why I feel like this is her error. She is the GC and should have been able to tell us this crucial info and verified the specs back in Sept and not just told us to buy any heater we liked!

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