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Thinking back, I should've been searching for an escape route.

last month

Was in a dermatologist's office yesterday with my daughter. A woman and man were in there when we got there. When we were waiting to be called back, the man was called. A few minutes later the woman stood up and walked towards the front desk saying something like, "I hate to be "that" person but, I was here before him". She was a little late being called back for her appointment at that point. She then ranted about having another appointment she had to go to and the fact that she quit going to another dermatologist because she had to wait two hours to see the doctor.

My daughter's appointment was before her's and she was called back about 40-45 minutes late. After being in the room for a little bit, we could hear that woman screaming at the staff out front. It went on for a while, stopped and started two more times for 4 or 5 minutes each time. I told my daughter, "I hope she doesn't have a gun on her or in her car." That woman was a complete nutjob and had lost all control.

Sitting here thinking about it, I realize that we should've started looking for a way out, just in case. Sad to have to think that way but you never know what someone is going to do.

I've only ever run into people like that at work, in the hospital and on the phone. I can't remember ever being out in another setting and coming across someone like that and I'm so glad.

When I went to see an ortho doctor about my ankle, I waited between 1 1/2 and 2 hours to be seen. I can't remember exactly but it was longer than normal. When the doctor came into the room he appologized and said he had to spend extra time giving a young patient bad news. You never know what is going on with other patients before you.

One time when we were in the middle of a code in the hosptial, in a four bed ward, one of my patients asked for something as he pulled the curtain back. I told him I would help him when I was done helping this patient. Crash cart in room, all curtains pulled and trying to save his roommate's life. I still don't understand that man. What is wrong with people?

Anyway, have you ever been in public, not at work and seen this type of behavior? I'm not talking just mild rudenss/complaining but actual screaming as loud as they can, completly out-of-control?

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