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Herringbone LVP flooring direction while mixing with straight?

Melissa Huynh
last month

Hello, we are currently replacing all the flooring in the house and I am considering having just the main common areas in a herringbone pattern and the rest of the room in a straight pattern.

Here is the flooring combination we are considering:

Herringbone LVP

Regular LVP

And here's a SketchUp screenshot of the house with a bad overlay of the potential patterns and then another with the house "furnished".

My main concerns:

1) I like hallways with herringbone because it really emphasizes the symmetry of the pattern but because mine is an L shape I'm wondering if I should just do a straight pattern there instead. The kitchen has two access points, one from the entrance and another door-width opening from the hallway. Which means the hallways changing direction will need a transition at both points PLUS from the primary bedroom entrance.

2) Should I continue the same direction from the entrance into the living room? There is a step down between, so the transition is pretty intuitive, and the living room is quite narrow and long. I had read online that usually the spine of the pattern is parallel to the longest wall of a room and/or pointing towards a focal point in the room, in this case, the TV.

3) Just as a note, the only places the LVP will not be installed are the two smaller bathrooms, laundry room, and potentially the primary bathroom as well. Still debating that one.

Any advice appreciated!

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