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How to deal with bulkhead and wallpaper

2 months ago

Hello All,

I'm hoping for a little design advice. I am having my first go at using wallpaper as a design feature to add some colour to my apartment. My cousin is a talented artist who draws and designs her own wallpaper so I am excited to use it. Now wallpaper is not the most common thing here in Australia especially in modern apartments so I need some help.

I planned to put the wallpaper up in the entrance (where I have a coat rack) and then wrap it around that same wall into one side of the kitchen. As you can see from the photos attached there is an awkward bulkhead where the ceiling immediately inside the entrance is slightly lower due to the fire emergency speaker and sprinkler system.

Therefore I am debating how I wrap the paper around the wall but account for the 12cm bulkhead. Do I just not wrap the paper around the wall, i.e. just hang it on the coat rack wall and then the kitchen wall and leave the end of the wall painted? Or do I hang some paper across the front of that bulkhead and along the end of the wall?

Any and all ideas are welcome.

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