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Waterfront cottage without a dock

I have a small waterfront cottage that I bought 3 years ago, and am hoping to sell it this year.....There are several reasons, but the primary one is that I moved from a city condo to a rural house, and now the stresses of owning and maintaining two houses (and properties) are more stressful to me than it's worth. The 'cons' of owning a cottage now outweigh the 'pros'.

Here's a selling question: After pulling in the dock my first winter, I never bothered to put it back. While I enjoy being on the water and going in to swim and paddle in the water, I don't have or want a boat. For that reason, I didn't see any reason to go to the trouble and expense of putting the dock back in the lake, so now my waterfront cottage doesn't have a dock. I've since sold the old dock to my sister so she could enlarge her dock (which happily is of the same type).

If you were looking for a cottage, would you prefer that I install a new dock before selling, or do you think you, as purchasers, would rather make that choice yourselves? I still have the land portion of the dock in place (circled in the photograph), just not the part that extends into the lake.

Obviously the market strength or weakness will make a big difference, so I'm not asking what I should do as much as I'm asking what would you think as a potential cottage shopper.

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