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Is this normal for quartz?

2 months ago


had a quartz counter installed today on a vanity. It is aleanza thassos quartz ( thassos extra)

it is a stark white, but it had these little black soecks on it in certain spots; like pieces of fine dirt. I pointed them out to the installer and he said he called his boss and the boss said it is in the stone it wont come out. Is this something thet should be rectified? i relictantly chose a quartz, as I needed a pure/ plain white for a counter. Im not really a fan of the look of quartz in general. Real thassos marble seemed to problematic in the bathroom, granite doesn't have anything plain white, which left me with quartz. I have no expereicne with quartz and was wondering if these tiny black specks are a common occurrence in white quartz counters?? they are small and infrequent, but one spot ( the worst parch) is front and cetner of the vanity. If it was higher up, or in another area, I would put a vanity tray over it and call it a day, but its not in an area I can hide it

Any input or experience appreciated


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