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Help! CoreTec Cairo Oak or Paradigm Performer Plus Goose?

Paula Moggio
last month
last modified: last month


We need to make a decision on LVP and our top 2 are: Coretec Pro Plus Enhanced XL Cairo Oak and Paradigm Performer Plus in Goose. I like both for different reasons. Can't find anything online for the Paradigm, a ton on Cairo Oak. So...Anyone that has installed the CoreTec or the Paradigm, can you let me know how it's held up. are you happy with the floors?

We are doing our entire house so I'm very nervous to pick the wrong floors! So many of the flooring stores we've gone to always say Coretec is one of the best, but I rather hear from actual customers to be sure. :) Also, for the Cairo Oak - is it too knotty or is there a good print variation?

THANK YOU ALL in advance!

PS: photo is of Cairo Oak (from Coretec website) just as FYI