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Which LG FL model: WM3900 or the new WM4000?

2 months ago

I'm looking at ordering either one from Costco, they're both so similar with a few minor changes, but with a few key issues make me take the choice seriously. The 3900 has 2 more wash cycle options, something about the glass in the door is different, and the 4000 has a few additional smart features. I don't think there are substantial differences as far as all of that goes.

However, the 4000 weighs about 20 lbs less! So it seems some of the metal parts on the 3900 were replaced with plastic. This concerns me for obvious reasons, and also because these changes were made when the model changed in late 2020/2021. I'm not sure if the design was changed because of supply chain issues or if they were going to make these changes anyway. If it's because of supply chain then the change probably isn't an upgrade and I'd like the older version! That said, if i buy a 3900 at this point, does that mean it's been sitting in a warehouse somewhere for years and so there's going to be some premature aging of the plastic and rubber parts of my machine that might fail earlier because it was probably manufactured years ago?

I think both have a similar design and would perform great, my concern is longevity. Do you go with a machine that's been sitting for a couple of years or one that was released as a nearly identical model during the pandemic but is 20 lbs lighter?

I'd appreciate any input!

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