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Double honeycomb shades: Stacked (Levolor, etc.) vs. double layer (HD)

J Help
2 months ago

I need to replace my ancient, single-cell honeycomb shades. I desperately need better insulation. I know that double honeycomb is better for that purpose. I saw a Hunter Douglas rep, and he showed me that their double is actually one layer INSIDE the other. Other brands, such as Levolor, are two cells STACKED on top of each other, which I think would look weird, particularly as I have to use an outside mount.


  1. Is there any other brand besides HD that "nests" their layers?
  2. Does Levelor's "Energy Shield," which is a clear layer inside a single cell, amount to the same thing?
  3. What's the least expensive way to accomplish my goal? Possibly house brands at an online retailer? HD is SUPER expensive! Thanks!

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