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Products you Love ... new, new to you or old faithfuls

last month

I have been loving a few new products lately that I thought I'd share.

Aveda Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme - my sister included a tube of this in my stocking. I have many tubes of lotion around the house but none work as well as this one! My hands (and wrists and elbows) are soooo soft.

Savannah Bee Company Heel Balm - my feet are almost as soft as my hands and I just love the light texture and the orange-spearmint scent. I want to use it all over .. and bathe in the scent!

As for an old faithful ... I am so loving my Le Creuset Dutch Oven. I have had it for 2 yr now but have been using it much more lately. I have a fairly large one (7 1/2 qt) and then variety of smaller staub pots. I used to swear by staub but I have grown to much prefer the Le Creuset. It is so easy to clean and the white interior makes it so much easier for me to see what I am cooking (the Staub pots have a dark interior)... and I have yet to burn anything in the Le Creuset!

What are your favorite products? New, new to you and old faithfuls?

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