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Ugly parts of our yard

oursteelers 8B PNW
2 months ago

So I was talking about fishing line earlier and said I would post some pictures to show what I was talking about but I can’t remember which thread plus some get so long it’s hard to find certain concersations within them.

Figured it would be easier to start a new thread plus other people could show their less than desirable areas

So this area has definitely stopped deer. My neighbor has seen the deer stop, turn around and head back to her yard to snack. Yikes. Sorry Bonnie😬

This is the area where I have chains up to hopefully deter the elk. This part is always up whereas the chains going across the driveway are taken down and put back up every day.

I realize this will not be enough to stop a determined herd but I’m hoping for the most part they look for easier to find food as it is available since homes in our neighborhood are rarely fully fenced

The chainlink fence is only three feet so it needed some help. Until last year it was enough to keep the deer out but with no one living there it became too easy for the deer to come hang out over there and then hop into our yard for a snack.

Now that Titus is there (a Doberman) I don’t think it will be the cool hang out location anymore

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