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They don't make them like they used to

last month

Just on my soap box literally-figuratively

In prep for new machines, decided to pull the old one out - which is easy peasy with a air dolly.....

My now defunct machine weighs 300lbs lb. New one weights 2/3 of it.

Comments (4)

  • Jeffrey Caban
    last month

    Unfortunately that is becoming the norm-charge more for less in this disposable World.

  • Cavimum
    last month
    last modified: last month

    Keeps the freight charges low. Also, your new machine is a bit smaller in size.

  • colle
    last month

    What do/did you have?

    My former TL GE washer (mid-1980s ~100lbs) was light vs my current FL Bosch (late 2000s ~200lbs).

  • Toronto Veterinarian
    last month

    That's not necessarily a bad thing; using lighter weight materials can decrease costs without decreasing effectiveness. Heavier doesn't mean better or better built - sometimes it's because it is wasteful, not more efficient.

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