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Wolf vs SKS - 36" gas cooktop

last month

I am considering the Wolf 36" professional or contemporary gas cooktop or the SKS 36" gas cooktop (unfortunately the rangetops don't work well in my kitchen due to the extra depth).

I am leaning towards Wolf for the stacked burners and towards the professional for the look & absence of knobs sticking out in front, but I'd love to know ....

-- opinions on which burner layout is better, especially for using several large pots at the same time

-- how happy people who own any of the cooktops are with them

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Wolf Professional 36" Gas Cooktop w knobs in lower right

18K & 9K BTU in front ... 9K, 12K & 9K BTU in back

Wolf 36" Contemporary Gas Cooktop w knobs on cabinet face

12K & 9K BTU in front ... 20K BTU in center ... 9K & 12K BTU in back

SKS 36" Gas Cooktop w knobs in center

9K & 12K BTU in front ... 19K BTU in center ... 9K & 5K BTU in back

I know any of the 3 will be 100x better than my crappy 30" from the mid-90s, although I have managed to make jam on it ... :)

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