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Which kitchen layout for remodel?

Mrs Moon
10 months ago

Our kitchen/dining room is tiny for a family of 6. We’re looking at remodeling it to try and get more room. The entire space is 13 x 20. I’d love to get a larger table to fit so we can seat guests as well as our family. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening in this layout, but would at least like more room to move around.

Option 1 is our current setup. We don’t use the bar, it just collects junk and mail. If we remove it, we would have a counter height peninsula plus an extra foot in the dining area.

Option 2 & 3 are similar but just adding an island and extending the counter by the sink. Would that work or would it be pushing it? I want to open it up somehow and have better flow..

We also have very little storage. The closet we use for 2 garbage cans and a broom closet, so currently that leaves us with no pantry. There are no current spots to put an under counter garbage, but hoping to make it work somehow. Please help!

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