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Photos of SW Cold Foam & Is There a Darker Version?

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Has anyone used Sherwin Williams Cold Foam on walls? Any pictures? A sherwin williams rep recommended it because I was having a hard time with the undertones of other popular lightish neutrals being too pronounced (white dove too reddish somehow, white duck and ballet white too pinkish, alabaster and Greek villa too yellow, grayer leaning colors turned purpley or were too gray and cold). Obviously I'm undertone sensitive!I've sampled cold foam in my space and I like its very neutral warmth but I'm hoping that seeing some photos would help me visualize how it feels in a whole room (too light/sterile or enough color to feel welcoming). I know color on screens and in photos can't be trusted for various reasons but am trying to get more of an idea of how it makes spaces feel.One of my hesitations is that cold foam is a lot lighter than I was originally thinking of going and I think some of my natural light will wash it out.If there were a version of Cold Foam in the 75ish lrv range it'd probably be perfect. Does anyone know of a close equivalent in that lrv range?Thanks for any photos or darker equivalents you all can share!

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