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We have well water. Can I do marble tile in my shower room?

13 days ago

Hello Houzz. We are redoing our master bath and planned for marble floors and walls in the shower room. The shower room will have a low curb with 8' glass, not glass up to the ceiling (in case that matters for ventilation).

My concern is for iron or other stains in the marble. We'll of course seal the marble to protect (we hope) against hair dye stains, etc. but I've been told to worry that the stagnant water will stain the marble despite sealing. FWIW, testing our water shows no iron or other metals on a test strip, and the water is not hard as we have a whole house softener.

I've read a bunch of posts on Houzz and the blogosphere, and some say they've had no issues with their marble for years and years and others show stains within just a year or two.

Can I rely on water testing that shows low iron and other metal/mineral content in our well water? Or am I asking for an expensive retile in a few years if I use marble? Are certain colors/types of marble more resistant to stains?

Thanks for the assistance.

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