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Upgrade windows through builder now or on our own later?

14 days ago
last modified: 14 days ago

We are doing a home build and the default comes build comes with Silverline Windows/Sliding Door that really did not look good. We asked to upgrade the windows and door to Andersen 400's and the end cost for 23 windows (21 double hung, 2 picture) would be ~$17k and the door would be around $2k. The Andersens look great (they are what we have on our home now), but their efficiency does leave some to be desired.

There is a local dealer that sells SoftLite Elements/Imperial which have substantially better efficiency/air infiltration numbers. We are wondering if it would be better, and possibly even cheaper (albeit wasteful) to go with the builder windows and immediately upgrade to SoftLite windows/doors. We don't know how expensive it would be to upgrade, but looking online it seems like it could be cheaper that the $19k for Andersen. Or is this an absolutely terrible idea?

Go with Andersen 400s
Go with builder windows and upgrade to SoftLite later

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